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  1. глагол
    • дезинфицировать окуриванием, окуривать

      to fumigate rose-bushes — окуривать розовые кусты

    • курить (благовония)

    • морить (дуб)

  • окуривать
  • фумигировать
  • дезинфицировать

Примеры использования

An infestation of roaches caused a hired exterminator to demand everyone to leave the house since he would fumigate it with a hazy material.
You can really only get rid of termites if you are willing to tent your house and fumigate it with a pesticide spray.
At first when I noticed the fumes in the room, I thought it was a fire until I forgot that my husband needed to fumigate the house to rid it of fleas.
If you have bedbugs and need to fumigate your house, you must leave since your lungs can’t handle the strong gas of the bug killer.
To fumigate the house, the exterminator sprayed the house with the bug repellent causing a misty haze.
Fumigate—To smoke a room, or any article needing to be cleansed.
They carry their preventive with them; they sweat and fumigate all the day long.
When it is over, then he shall go, and we will fumigate the place.
It is used to fumigate buildings, being a valuable disinfectant.
"To fumigate after the prisence av a skunk," retorted Pat whimsically.
Same time you can keep on fetching brush to fumigate your cat hole.
"If I had a bed that old, I'd fumigate it," the captain declared.
All who can keep them safe should have green frogs by the score in every house which they do not fumigate.
The air of these dormitories is foul, and burning resin is used to fumigate them.
Nothing else could be done except to fumigate the “between-decks,” that operation rather adding to the heat than otherwise.

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