fulfill Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • выполнять; делать, исполнять, осуществлять, совершать

    • завершать, заканчивать, оканчивать

    • соответствовать, удовлетворять

    • психол. реализовать или развивать потенциальные возможности

  • исполнять
fulfill the conditions – выполнять условия
fulfill obligations – выполнить обязательств
fulfill the prophecy – исполнить пророчество
fulfill the dream – осуществить мечту
  • удовлетворять
  • воплотить
  • наполнить

Примеры использования

The salesman was dismissed because he did not fulfill the required quota.
Libby was disappointed because her husband did not fulfill his promise of watering the plants.
Anne wanted to fulfill her dream of going to college.
In order to fulfill his responsibility as a teacher, Barney had to grade over a hundred papers.
Luke was excited to fulfill his daughter’s wish of giving her a puppy for Christmas.
These hopes that we have helped to inspire, we can help to fulfill.
I shall not be able to fulfill my engagements for to-night, so it really does not matter.
She was probably bold enough and hardy enough to fulfill her mission.
And then Keziah began to fulfill her agreement with Dr. Parker.
To promise, however, is one thing, to fulfill the obligation another.
Your wishes, however, no one will fulfill without deceiving you.
What changes will be necessary in order that they may fulfill it better?
He was one of the first to answer to his own call, to fulfill his own prediction.
He made no secret promises, none at all that he did not intend to fulfill.
Hers is a wonderful mission, and she is surely about to fulfill it.


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