friction Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • трение

      to reduce friction — уменьшить трение

      friction factor /coefficient/ — тех. коэффициент трения

    • спец. сцепление

      friction at rest — трение покоя

    • трения, разногласия

      there is friction between them — между ними возникли разногласия

    • растирание, обтирание

      a cold shower with friction afterwards — холодный душ с последующим растиранием

    • помехи транспортному движению

  2. глагол
    • тереть

    • растирать

    • иметь разногласия

    • спец. прорезинивать ткань

  • трение
coefficient of internal friction – коэффициент внутреннего трения
force of static friction – сила трения покоя
  • разногласия
  • растирание
  • фрикция
  • разногласие
source of friction – источник разногласий
  • фрикционный
friction material – фрикционный материал

Примеры использования

When the fat girl’s thighs rubbed together, they created a friction which left her with a painful rash.
Because of the friction produced by my skin rubbing against the inside of my sneaker, I have a large blister on my big toe.
Your car depends upon oil to reduce the friction among its engine parts.
Since I forgot my gloves, I rubbed my hands together to create heat through friction.
During all those six years there had been friction and bitterness between us.
The test of the amount of friction is the rate of loss of motion.
Mechanical, as when two different kinds of matter are subject to friction.
In the friction of these opposing wills, forces baneful to Man are generated.
And now put this question to yourselves, What produced the friction?
The explanation is certain—the heat was the result of the friction.
A new reel sometimes clogs and stops from friction and heat.
It is only by the friction of intellect with intellect that these desirable qualities can be gained.
It would not be such a calamity if we were to turn off friction from the world.
But, if there is no friction and you want to stop, you cannot.


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