fortunate Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • счастливый; удачливый

      fortunate event — счастливое событие

      the fortunate possessor of this master-piece — счастливый обладатель этого шедевра

      how fortunate that I have found you today — как хорошо, что я разыскал вас сегодня

      she's fortunate enough to have very good health — на её счастье у неё хорошее здоровье

      hi is fortunate in having a good wife — ему повезло с женой

      it was fortunate for her that she met the doctor just when she needed him — получилось очень удачно, что она встретила врача как раз, когда он понадобился

      he is fortunate in life — ему везёт (в жизни)

    • счастливый, благоприятный

      fortunate omen — хорошее предзнаменование

      fortunate day (for doing smth.) — хороший /благоприятный/ день (для какого-л. дела)

      born under a fortunate star — рождённый под счастливой звездой

  • счастливый
fortunate accident – счастливая случайность
  • удачный
fortunate coincidence – удачное совпадение
  • удачливый
fortunate person – удачливый человек
  • благоприятный

Примеры использования

Grace was fortunate that she arrived home before the oven caught fire.
The surprise party made Jamie feel very fortunate to have such thoughtful friends.
After many days without heat, the family felt fortunate when the handyman offered to fix the heater at a discount.
The college graduate was fortunate enough to have a job lined up after finishing school.
The newlyweds were fortunate to win the Bahamas trip for their honeymoon.
But am I so fortunate as to find you willing to return with me?
Going to his office, he was fortunate enough to find him in, and unengaged.
You are, indeed, fortunate in having escaped from the snare he laid for you.
It was fortunate that, in this case, no fears could be entertained.
Unless we are fortunate enough to find some, retreat is inevitable.
We have been most fortunate in finding water, and I am indeed very thankful for it.
That's fortunate, sir; if you are a stranger here, your service to me will be greater.
We are fortunate in the ability and integrity of our Federal judges and attorneys.
Had the creek been their only creditor the Carters would have been fortunate.
Yet, measured according to the stern standards of adversity, Mary was fortunate.


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