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  1. глагол
    • прощать

      to forgive smb. smth. — прощать кому-л. что-л.

      to forgive smb. for smth. — прощать кого-л. за что-л.

      to forgive an offence — прощать обиду

      he is not a man who easily forgives — он не из тех, кто легко прощает (обиды)

    • прощать, не взыскивать, отказываться

      to forgive a debt — прощать долг, отказываться от получения долга

    • рел. оставлять (грехи и т. п.)

      forgive our trespasses — остави нам долги наша

  • прощать
forgive men – прощать людям
forgive the debt – простить долг
  • забыть

Примеры использования

It was difficult, but after many years I was able to forgive the man that had hit me with his car and taken my ability to walk.
While it’s not always easy to do, you should try to forgive people that have done bad things to you, as holding grudges is mentally unhealthy for you.
It’s very easy to stay angry and vengeful towards someone that has wronged you, but it’s difficult to let your grudge fade and forgive them.
It takes a big heart and a strong will to forgive someone for something terrible they may have done to you or your family.
My petty grudge over the soccer ball my friend stole from me when we were kids was easy enough to forget, and even easier to forgive him for.
I forgive you, if you are sorry for the fault, and my arms are ready to receive you.
Dearest Madam, forgive me: it was always my pride and my pleasure to obey you.
Some things seem the harder to forgive the greater the love.
"I forgive thee from my heart, dear brother," piped the blind man.
Like a woman, he found it difficult to forgive one who had injured those he loved.
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
But God could not yet forgive him; for he was not truly penitent.
Would you not rather say to a brother, "I have erred; forgive me!"
He chose an odd time and place; but that is no matter; I forgive him, and so do you, I dare say.


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