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  1. существительное
    • барахтанье; спотыкание; попытки выбраться, выпутаться

    • запутанное, затруднительное положение; затруднение (в речи)

    • плоская рыба

  2. глагол
    • барахтаться, стараться выбраться, выпутаться; спотыкаться

      the horses were floundering in deep snow — лошади с трудом передвигались по глубокому снегу

      to flounder through a morass — пробираться через трясину

      to flounder into a morass — завязнуть в болоте /в трясине/

    • спотыкаться, сбиваться, путаться, делать ошибки

      to flounder in an explanation — запутаться в объяснении

      to flounder through a translation — с трудом справиться с переводом

  • камбала
  • барахтаться

Примеры использования

The new swimmer had to flounder in the deep end until the lifeguard dragged him to safety.
Unused to skating, the rookie hockey player would flounder on the ice until he learned to skate.
After it hit the iceberg, the Titanic was left to flounder in the Atlantic Ocean before it finally sank.
My father was afraid that I would flounder as I learned to ride a bike, so he never let go of the seat.
My ability to flounder was evident when I fell on the slippery floor.
And with his head still turned, Andrew felt a shock and flounder.
Let dear Aristide flounder about; this only moulds young people.
What we've done so far, you might best describe as flounder.
If there was a sump-hole in sight, that horse was sure to flounder into it.
Only when she came to describe Bim and to tell of what he said, did she flounder.
I have floundered unawares into the pitfall, and now I must flounder out.
It would be very pretty if it were otherwise, but that's how we flounder.
It must have been a big one, because a halibut is flat, like a flounder, isn't it?
Those who followed were compelled to flounder on the best way they could.
"And leagues of morass to flounder through, by the look of this coast," said Joe.


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