favorable Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • благоприятный

    • благоприятствующий

    • льготный

    • подходящий

    • амер.; = favourable

  • благоприятный
favorable climatic conditions – благоприятные климатические условия
favorable public opinion – благоприятное общественное мнение
favorable tax treatment – благоприятный налоговый режим
most favorable – наиболее благоприятный
favorable price – выгодная цена
favorable geographical position – выгодное географическое положение
favorable terms – льготные условия
  • положительный
favorable decision – положительное решение
  • благосклонный
favorable reviews – благосклонные отзывы
favorable attitude – благожелательное отношение
  • благополучный
favorable outcome – благополучный исход
  • удачный
favorable combination – удачное сочетание
  • подходящий
  • благоприятствующий

Примеры использования

Betting on the underdog proved a favorable wager for the gambler.
Favorable borrowing costs helped the real estate agent close the deal with the buyer.
Without favorable operating conditions, factory workers were not able to keep up with production demand.
High demand and low supply of the Hatchimal toy created a favorable market for bootleggers to price gouge.
He left the office, not a little elated at his favorable reception.
My mind was made up to "take to the woods" on the first favorable opportunity.
Forthwith, Burke set out to make the most of this favorable opportunity.
Heyward was not slow to confirm an opinion that was so favorable to his own pretensions.
At this favorable moment the counterfeit conjurers disappeared.
The signs of the times are most favorable to the success of the Irish Liberator.
A practical siege was undertaken, under the most favorable circumstances.
If the price of sugar is favorable when you deliver it, you are fortunate and net a profit.
To protect a profit on a favorable purchase of actual sugar.
He might note in January, let us say, that the price of May or July futures is favorable.


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