extermination Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • уничтожение; истребление

      extermination camp — лагерь смерти, лагерь уничтожения

    • спец. дезинсекция; дератизация

  • уничтожение
war of extermination – война на уничтожение
physical extermination – физическое истребление
  • изведение

Примеры использования

The edict for their extermination, was published in the year 1492.
A case of destitution, completely; what the newspapers call 'extermination.'
The extermination of old may sometimes be rapid, but never the introduction.
One device after another has been added for the extermination of the slow-witted.
"That looks like a war of extermination upon them," said Morris.
I prophesied this disaster and the extermination of my creatures—men.
Did not your God tell the Hebrews to wage a war of extermination on the Canaanites?
Let your watchword be onward, extermination, death; and victory will be yours.
It meant extermination; extermination in every way possible.
This is another one of her steps in the process of assimilation or extermination.


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