exterminate Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • уничтожать; истреблять

      to exterminate rats — уничтожить крыс

    • искоренять

      to exterminate heresy — искоренить ересь

  • истреблять
  • искоренять
  • извести

Примеры использования

Needing help to exterminate the bugs, the pest control worker ordered specialized repellant.
Although his goal was to exterminate the boll weevil, the farmer accidently killed other helpful insects.
While trying to exterminate the weeds in his outdoor space, the gardener became sick from the fumes.
Because of World War II, Adolf Hitler was not able to exterminate the Jews as he had planned.
To exterminate the termites, the homeowner used boric acid and bait stations.
The best of this war is, it enables me to exterminate so many bad artists.
It was then determined to exterminate the pirates at any cost.
They were coming with many more boats to exterminate every living thing.
Would you exterminate him because in your blindness you only note the debit side?
Shepherds have entered into a conspiracy to exterminate the wolves.
We will not attack you as Voltaire did; we will not exterminate you; we shall explain you.
But we must crush your armies, and exterminate your Government.
The pitiless Spaniard replied that he was under orders to exterminate all of that faith.
Some of them aim to protect and secure, while others aim to repress or exterminate.
He has his points, yet he's a pest, indeed; I would we could exterminate the breed.


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