extent Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • протяжение, протяжённость

      latitudinal [longitudinal] extent — протяжённость по широте [по долготе]

      extent of front — воен. протяжение фронта

      we were able to see the full extent of the park — нам удалось осмотреть всю территорию парка

    • объём, пределы

      the extent of power — пределы власти

      I was amazed at the extent of his knowledge — я был поражён широтой его знаний

      he has prepared to supply money to the extent of $10,000 — он был готов предоставить средства в пределах 10 000 долларов

      to reduce the extent of the law's application — сузить рамки применимости этого закона

    • степень, мера

      to a great extent — в большой мере, в значительной степени

      to the full extent — в полной мере

      to a certain extent — в известной мере; до известной степени

      to some extent — до некоторой степени

      to such an extent — до такой степени, до таких пределов, в такой мере

      to what extent can he be trusted? — насколько ему можно верить?

      the quarrel was carried to a foolish extent — в этом споре они дошли до нелепости

    • размер, величина

      extent of error — величина ошибки /погрешности/

      a serpent of huge extent — змея огромного размера

    • вчт. экстент, поле, область или зона памяти

  • степень
lesser extent – меньшая степень
significant extent – значительная мера
  • объем
full extent – полный объем
extent of damage – размер ущерба
true extent – истинный масштаб
  • протяженность
spatial extent – пространственная протяженность
  • пространство
  • смысл

Примеры использования

No one knew the extent of her son’s injury since the school only gave minute details of what happened on the playground.
Christopher Columbus believed the extent of the world was much smaller since he traveled to an unknown land.
It took months to determine the extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina until the number of fatalities and the cost of rebuilding the destruction were counted.
We didn’t know the extent to which the plaintiff would carry out her lawsuit until it finally landed in the Supreme Court.
During World War II, nobody knew the extent of the Nazi occupation until the Germans were defeated.
It is curious to note the extent to which the unexpected has come about.
Could they have outridden the gelding to such an extent as that?
You who knew her will realize the depth and extent of my bereavement.
The strong are strong because of harmony with God, at least to some extent.
To the extent of his means he would do what money could to console her!
He went on speaking with obvious enjoyment of the extent to which his knowledge reached.
Then, he made a great effort, and controlled his emotion to some extent.
This to some extent impairs the conductivity of the circuit.
At least to this extent, then, Shakespeare used Marlowe in depicting Richard's character.
It should be remembered that even our creed was to some extent decided by him.


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