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  1. глагол
    • искупать (грех); заглаживать (вину)

      to expiate the act with one's life — искупить проступок своей жизнью

      to expiate an affront — загладить оскорбление

  • искупать
expiate sin – искупить грех

Примеры использования

To expiate for breaking his neighbor’s window, John shoveled snow for three months.
During the sentencing, the victim’s mother said there was no way the murderer could expiate for killing her only child.
Jack had no idea how he was going to expiate the fact he forgot his wedding anniversary.
Because Bill lacks an income source, he can only expiate for his crime by collecting trash on the side of the roads.
The boy gave his younger sister a cookie to expiate for stepping on her doll’s head.
Future obedience, supposing it perfect, could not expiate past offences.
It was some comfort to think that fate had made him expiate our weakness.
Anti-republicans can only expiate their folly under the age of the guillotine.
Go to bed and sleep like the cherub you are, while I expiate here with my pipe.
But, whoever may have been the author, pains were taken to expiate the sacrilege.
He had thought of a plan to expiate his follies of the night.
Tell our father Kala-hoi, that we fear to meet him, and now go to expiate our crime.'
"You have got to expiate," Etienne Rambert said with the same harshness.
The sin was his, and he must expiate it; it was I and my children who were the innocent sufferers.
Enough for me to expiate my offences, I say, in the defence of the Holy City.


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