expedient Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • целесообразный

      I deemed it expedient to ... — я считал целесообразным ...

    • выгодный, рациональный, подходящий, уместный

      it is not expedient to interfere now — сейчас вмешиваться несвоевременно /некстати/

      it is expedient that you go — вам лучше уйти, будет лучше, если вы уйдёте

    • практически целесообразный, выгодный (а не принципиальный); соответствующий требованиям момента (а не справедливый или правильный); ловкий (о ходе, шаге и т. п.)

    • арх., библ. полезный

  2. существительное
    • средство для достижения цели, приём; уловка

      questionable expedients — сомнительные приёмы

      to exhaust every expedient for ... — исчерпать все средства к ...

  • целесообразный
economically expedient – экономически целесообразный
  • выгодный
  • уловка
  • прием
  • способ
simple expedient – простой способ
  • подходящий

Примеры использования

Given the fact the police will be looking for us soon, it is expedient we leave this apartment quickly!
Even though there are adverse effects to taking the medication, the drug’s manufacturer feels it is expedient to ignore these reactions until a later date.
My mother is a chatty woman and is quite skilled at getting rid of nosey neighbors in an expedient manner.
While the patient has no insurance, it is expedient that the hospital staff take all life-saving methods, regardless of their costs.
Although we need a solution to the water shortage, it is not expedient for us to take the first option on the table.
Sadly, the government has deemed it expedient to raise taxes on middle class families.
While I could have taken the train to New York City, I found it more expedient to fly there.
There has to be a more expedient means of counting the beans than by taking them out of the jar one by one.
After being surrounded by two dozen police officers, the criminal felt it was an expedient time to lower his weapon.
Even though it went against all his principles, the governor found it expedient to negotiate with the kidnappers in order to save his daughter.
Captain Baker applied himself to this task, and used every expedient.
This expedient, however, nearly proved fatal in its consequences.
No need then of the expedient of pursuing your needleworks in her sight.
This: It is useless to talk or to think unless it is also possible and expedient to act.
For the expedient has to do with the future, about which we are liable to mistake.
That to appease God's wrath it was expedient that this Jew should die?
Leave me to think it over, and perhaps I can hit upon the expedient.
Your dear aunt was on the high-road to this goal, when I bethought me of my expedient!
We have no right to ask if it is expedient to grant suffrage to women.
This expedient to palliate my folly was thought of—but not by me.


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