excretion Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • физиол. экскреция, выведение из организма продуктов, отходов жизнедеятельности

    • спец. извержение

  • экскреция
renal excretion – почечная экскреция
sodium excretion – выделение натрия
rapid excretion – быстрое выведение
  • экскременты

Примеры использования

Taking part in the excretion process, several organs are responsible for removing waste for the body.
Studies show that protein excretion in the urine is a reliable predictor of cardiovascular risk.
We now know that one healthy kidney can be sufficient for urine excretion in humans if necessary.
The body’s uptake and excretion of salts outside of the body is controlled by special glands.
Excretion of body toxins can be sped up by natural supplements that help get rid of waste.
The secretion or excretion of glands may be augmented or diminished.
In the moment of excretion, the majority act as Eliminatives.
Bromidrosis; the excretion of perspiration of a strong odor.
In the skin are many glands which by their excretion keep it soft and moist.
These metals accumulate in the liver in preparation for excretion.
There is less and less opportunity for nutrition, respiration, and excretion.
The means by which secretion and excretion are effected are, however, identical.
Excretion, something discharged from the body, a separation of animal matters.
By cold the respiratory function is exalted, and the excretion of urea is diminished.
Exercise in the open air favors the excretion of waste matters which otherwise would be deposited in the cellular tissues.


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