excellent Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • превосходный; отличный, великолепный

      excellent song — превосходная песня

      excellent dinner — отличный обед

      excellent idea — великолепная мысль

      excellent man — прекрасный человек

      students excellent in English — студенты, отлично успевающие по английскому языку

    • арх., поэт. превосходящий (всех), непревзойдённый

      excellent hypocrite — лицемер, каких свет не видел

      excellent liar — отъявленный лжец

      the excellent brightness of the sun — сияние солнца, которое ничто не может затмить

    • арх. возвышенный, высокопоставленный; высокочтимый

  • отличный
excellent customer service – отличный сервис
excellent image quality – отличное качество изображения
achieve excellent results – добиваться отличных результатов
excellent sense of humor – отличное чувство юмора
excellent state of health – отличное состояние здоровья
excellent source of information – отличный источник информации
excellent restaurant – превосходный трактир
excellent opportunity – прекрасная возможность
excellent physical shape – прекрасная физическая форма
excellent beer – отменное пиво
excellent cuisine – великолепная кухня
excellent taste – хороший вкус
excellent acoustics – замечательная акустика
  • блестящий
excellent representative – выдающийся представитель

Примеры использования

After studying a few hours for his math test, the boy was proud for making an excellent grade of an A+ on his test.
The prize-winning chocolate cake tasted excellent by the friends at the party who requested a copy of the recipe.
As the couple was informed of the wife’s pregnancy, the excellent news caused them to celebrate with a party.
Spinach is an excellent source of iron because eating only a relatively small amount will give your body almost all the iron it needs for the day.
When the company offered full benefits, high pay, interesting work and four weeks off paid vacation, Thomas knew he would take this excellent job.
With these thoughts was mingled deep pity for the pure-minded and excellent Philæmon.
The lotus is a leguminous plant—so excellent for the salad—not for the roast.
Miss Bines and young Milbrey were already on excellent terms.
With Captain Evans, on the other hand, Robert was on excellent terms.
We soon pitched camp, and took the horses to the feed, which was excellent.
"It is an excellent resolve," said my companion, looking at his watch.
That lagoon presented an excellent place for a cattle-station.
At present the Cliques have made, most excellent provisions.
There was constantly some excellent reason why the one mentioned would not do.
Voice, pose and gesture proclaimed at least the excellent mimic.


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