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  1. глагол
    • оценивать, устанавливать стоимость

    • определять количество

    • оценивать, давать оценку; определять качество, важность и т. п.

      to evaluate the full significance — оценить всё значение

      to evaluate a new antibiotic — проверить действенность нового антибиотика

      to evaluate arguments — взвесить аргументы

    • мат. вычислять; выражать (численно)

      to evaluate the altitude of a star — вычислить высоту звезды

  • оценивать
evaluate the situation – оценивать ситуацию
evaluate the efficiency – оценить эффективность
  • вычислять
  • анализировать
  • расценивать

Примеры использования

I'll just give you my line of reasoning, and you can evaluate it for yourself.
The historian is in a better position to evaluate the treaty.
The result is illustrative of the relation between what we do and how we evaluate what we do.
We cannot evaluate progress as an increase in a sum-total of happiness.
Our experts will evaluate such holdings and recompense the owners.
I have a feeling that his job is to evaluate every word you say and report his evaluation to Tarnhorst.
We evaluate the whole range of factors that have anything to do with the situation.
You should also evaluate the size and type of the institution in terms of your own personality.
It is impossible to evaluate the total damage in such cases.
He struggled to evaluate and file the data as rapidly as it came to him.


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