eradication Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • вырывание с корнем

    • искоренение

      eradication of poverty — искоренение бедности

    • с.-х. выпалывание (сорных трав)

  • искоренение
eradication of poverty – искоренение нищеты
total eradication – полное уничтожение
eradication of illiteracy – ликвидация неграмотности
complete eradication – полное устранение
  • изживание

Примеры использования

Where the disease is most deeply seated, there it will be slowest in eradication.
The hour of the eradication of the evil is advancing, it must come.
If it is allowed to remain it festers; nothing short of eradication will suffice.
He made a special study of birds in relation to the eradication of grubs.
It is the regulation, not the eradication, of this appetite that is practical.
The work of eradication was not completed for more than a year.
Care for lepers in special hospitals and eradication of this disease.
Their eradication and their withdrawal were alike impossible.
But a portion of the people of that District are now demanding the eradication of the evil in question.
And again this Oriental teacher set up an unattainable ideal when he demanded the eradication of all desire from the human soul.

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