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  1. существительное
    • посланник

      envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary — чрезвычайный посланник и полномочный министр

    • (главный) дипломатический представитель (посол, посланник)

      temporary envoy — временный представитель

    • посланец

      envoys of good will — посланцы доброй воли

    • представитель, уполномоченный, доверенное лицо

    • заключающая строфа стихотворения

    • редк. заключительная часть прозаического произведения, содержащая посвящение или обращение к читателю

  • посланник
peace envoy – посланник мира
special envoy – специальный посланец
  • представитель
personal envoy – личный представитель

Примеры использования

The king sent his envoy to discuss his daughter’s marriage to his rival’s son.
As my envoy, my attorney will make my wife an offer to quickly settle our divorce.
The envoy has the president’s authority to act on his behalf during the treaty discussion.
Because the prince cannot attend the benefit, he is sending an envoy in his place.
The envoy travelled ahead of the queen to make sure the castle would be ready for her arrival.
The envoy's description of Francis's curative power is interesting.
After the envoy and the chief had exchanged compliments, business began.
This will be confirmed by your official attendant, who will be an Envoy's Courier.
Ahead of him Cesare sent an envoy to Bentivogli, to demand its surrender.
This envoy arrived within three days and delivered his message.
There was no minister, no envoy to appeal to, and nothing left but to comply.
How is this difficulty about the new Greek envoy to the Porte to end?
"I begin to think I might be an envoy myself," said Harcourt.
When an envoy is snubbed, he always asks for leave of absence.
It was clear that the envoy was gone, keeping in the shadow of the shore.


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