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  1. существительное
    • доступ; право входа

      to procure the entrée of the best houses — получить доступ в лучшие дома, быть принятым в лучших домах

    • личный доклад

    • право личного доклада

    • блюдо, подаваемое перед жарким

    • амер. основное блюдо за обедом

    • муз. антре

    • вступление

      it was nothing but an entrée to a series of misfortunes — это было лишь прелюдией к целому ряду неудач

  • доступ
  • блюдо

Примеры использования

There were frequently from ten to twelve persons at this first entree.
I have already the entree to the place you desire to get into, and I can introduce you.
Did I understand you to say that you have the—the entree at Knightsbridge House?
You shall have them the day after the king's entree into Vaux.
My entree occasioned no little confusion, but I knew well how to remedy that.
Serve as mashed potatoes, or with broiled or braized protose as an entree.
Aaron quite liked mushrooms, and helped himself to the entree.
His entree and reception at Worcester was highly interesting.
"It's a wild-goose chase," he snapped, attacking his entree savagely.
As an entree the roti should consist of game, and vice-versa.


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