enticing Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • соблазнительный, заманчивый

      to make a dish enticing — сделать блюдо аппетитным

  • заманчивый
enticing aroma – заманчивый аромат
enticing offer – соблазнительное предложение
  • привлекательный
  • завлекающий
  • манящий

Примеры использования

After just recently quitting cigarettes, he found the mere sight of others smoking to be enticing.
Her dress was extremely enticing, drawing the attention of all the men gathered.
Though the bribe was enticing, the police officer had made a vow to uphold the law.
The prospect of gold in the west was enticing to many early settlers.
The potential to win a free trip was enticing enough that it convinced him to donate.
Though he didn’t need a new suit, the sale was too enticing to pass up.
For most people, the offer of riches is too enticing to pass up.
Though he swore he would not sell, the buy offer was so enticing that he was forced to reconsider.
The diamond called out to the thief, an enticing display that was hard to ignore.
Though the penalties can be harsh, many professional athletes still find steroids to be enticing.
It had been a most enticing mystery, you know; and the woman in the case was extraordinary, to say the least.
Her smiles were as sweet and enticing as she or any other girl could make.
It is the very difficulty, the tension, so to say, that makes it enticing.
Enticing speculation, the yes or no of these twelve men, three days ago.
There is a dreamy summer about them which make them enticing as the Hesperides of the ancients.
He had a way, whenever she came to a pause, of enticing her to go on.
Of all the devices to entrap Augusta, this well-meant trick was the most enticing.
Of all forms of pessimism, the metaphysical form was, for a historian, the least enticing.
The scent of the water, at once enticing and bitter, intoxicated him.
There are here no inviting grassy slopes and no enticing forests.


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