entertaining Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • занимательный, интересный

    • забавный, развлекательный

  • развлекательный
entertaining movie – развлекательное кино
  • занимательный
entertaining history – занимательная история
entertaining film – интересный фильм
entertaining story – увлекательный рассказ
entertaining football – зрелищный футбол
  • забавный
entertaining game – веселая игра
entertaining evening – занятный вечер
  • развлечение
  • развлекающий

Примеры использования

The wine account—there is one, but it ought to be Mrs. Whitney's; for entertaining.
I find the study of electricity so entertaining that I am apt to neglect my other work.'
I have very strong reasons indeed, for entertaining that wish.
Naturally he will be asked about everywhere, and there'll be loads of entertaining to do in return.
Their manner of entertaining their guests is familiar and kind.
You know that Monsieur Garconnet is entertaining the colonel and the prefect.
Very pleasant and entertaining was the time we spent together that night.
It is an entertaining book, and by no means an unprofitable one.
That is right, but I don't often have the pleasure of entertaining guests from God's Voice.
He had treated me almost like a son, had introduced me to his family, entertaining me at his table.


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