enjoyable Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • приятный, доставляющий удовольствие

      we had a most enjoyable evening — мы чудесно провели вечер

  • приятный
highly enjoyable – очень приятный
  • радостный
  • занимательный
  • доставляющий удовольствие

Примеры использования

Going to the beach is usually enjoyable, but today’s heat wave took away from the fun.
I find reading enjoyable, but my sister has more fun watching television.
The couple didn’t find their dining experience enjoyable since the restaurant staff was rude and claimed to be out of their favorite dishes.
The children had a good time at the museum and found most of the activities enjoyable.
Rain and storms made our cruise less enjoyable, but we found a way to have fun anyway.
She was not the cook, but she could, and had on occasion, served up a most enjoyable breakfast.
It is as useful to read him as it is enjoyable to travel with him.
All the aspects of rural life can thus be made most enjoyable.
All this would have been enjoyable and fruitful if there had not been a fish within a mile.
Let me only forget the past, and this life can be enjoyable enough.
“I hope you have had an enjoyable afternoon,” said Mr. Newville.
It ought to be enjoyable and a help to sustain the laughter.
In effect it was a partie carre and bade fair to be enjoyable.
I want them to see for themselves how enjoyable such a life as this is.
One of the most enjoyable resources of the country hostess is the picnic.


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