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Примеры использования

Thus it is usual for the husband's deeds to be endorsed by the wife, while he did not endorse hers.
It was his own demand note, payable to John Starkweather and endorsed by him to Mirabelle.
It wasn't Abbot who endorsed him at all, except by silence and sufferance, you may say.
And how true was that sentiment which had been endorsed by the peace party.
Von Eichthal had endorsed my views, and wrote to me on Fusang.
And Kilshaw endorsed his chief's views in less measured tones.
And any action he might take here would be endorsed at Manila?
He endorsed it, went off and returned in ten minutes with the money.
Complimentary as this was, she did not flatter herself that they had endorsed woman's rights.
It was endorsed with laughter as they pressed around Morgan to cut off his escape.


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