emissary Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • эмиссар; агент

    • шпион, разведчик, лазутчик

  2. прилагательное
    • посланный, посылаемый

    • агентурный, разведывательный

    • отводящий (о венах и др. сосудах)

  • эмиссар
special emissary – специальный эмиссар
  • агент

Примеры использования

The celebrity sent his assistant as an emissary to pick up the movie contract.
As an emissary for his client, the lawyer approached the prosecutor about a plea bargain.
My best friend sent me as an emissary to ask her father if she could attend my sleepover.
When Jackson works as a courier, he functions as an emissary who delivers packages for people.
Since the president is too ill to attend the conference, he is sending the vice-president as his emissary.
The real estate developer is sending an emissary to deliver the check for the land purchase.
Because Gregory was the prince’s emissary, he often stood in for the royal at special events.
The district manager is sending his emissary to review branch accounts before the audit takes place.
Since Bill has my power of attorney, he can act as my emissary in financial negotiations.
The captain sent his emissary to obtain plans from the general.
Or—harking back to her original theory—that he was an emissary from Scotland Yard?
I am no more than the emissary of Her Majesty—it is to her that your thanks are due.
Fearlessly this emissary of love penetrates the realms of despair.
Could he be an emissary from some one whom the old forger had reason to evade?
The emissary and compadre of Hernandez spurred his horse close up.
I give you my word of honor, sir, that I am ignorant of the arrival of this French emissary.
Here was a spy from "the crowd," an emissary of "the modern."
The Nipe had to be treated as an emissary from his home world—wherever that may be.
Joe Two-Hawk had come as a sort of emissary from the Brulés.
He sent an emissary to request a conference with a representative of the fruit company.


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