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  1. глагол
    • исправлять, выправлять (текст); устранять ошибки, недостатки; вносить поправки, уточнения

  • исправлять

Примеры использования

Partly with the help of Toup, we may emend this corrupt passage as follows: , , .
Some critical scholar of eminence should be called upon to emend or explain this mysterious passage.
Emend′als, funds set apart for repairs in the accounts of the Inner Temple.
That the last line is nonsense was clear to every one; but no critic ever could emend it.
To emend the Vulgate by the Hebrew and Greek is exactly what the heretics seek to do.
Second, all critics have agreed to condemn the digression in which Theobald advertised his ability to emend Greek texts.
The alteration is very slight, affecting only one letter, and may be due to error in transcription or to mere desire to emend.
Some of these are trivial slips that a scribe copying B might emend on his own initiative, or perhaps by a lucky mistake.

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