emasculate Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • кастрированный, холощёный

    • выхолощенный, бесцветный, вялый (о языке, стиле)

    • бессильный, лишённый воли, энергии, мужества; изнеженный

  2. глагол
    • кастрировать, холостить, оскоплять

    • выхолащивать (идею); обеднять, делать вялым, бесцветным (язык)

      to emasculate a speech — сделать выступление беззубым

      the bill heavily emasculated became law — законопроект, сильно урезанный, стал законом

    • ослаблять, обессиливать; изнеживать

  • кастрировать
  • выхолащивать

Примеры использования

He was worried his pink pants would emasculate him a bit, but he wore them anyway.
Although the strain of his unemployment was stressful, she didn't have to emasculate him.
The general was concerned that the government would emasculate the armed forces for financial reasons.
Trying not to emasculate her boyfriend, she will let him propose to her when he’s ready.
The wife used degrading comments to emasculate her husband when they were arguing.
The prayer-habit tends to emasculate the moral strength of its devotees.
This is an invitation to all who can to emasculate themselves.
He says what good are homes if they emasculate spirited men.
But, it is said, that the fine arts soften and emasculate the mind.
He begins to see Bertha as she is: her unscrupulousness in money matters, her ceaseless effort to emasculate him.
At the same time his paternal despotism tended to emasculate the Tuscan character.
Dr. Morris: It is a great convenience to be able to pollenate at the same moment when you emasculate.
The elegances of Bembo and the Petrarchisti remind one of a hectic scented fop, emasculate and artificial.
We should be obliged to emasculate Socialism, to dilute it, in order to win a support of questionable value.
And, as with other masculine and muscular females, her progeny are neuter working-females (sterile) and emasculate males (drones).

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weaken, deprive of force


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