ejection Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • выбрасывание, извержение (дыма, лавы и т. п.)

    • выброшенная, изверженная масса или лава

    • изгнание

    • увольнение (со службы)

    • юр. выселение

    • выброс (пламени)

    • физ. испускание; выбрасывание

    • ав. катапультирование

      ejection seat /chair/ — катапультируемое сиденье /кресло/

      ejection mechanism — механизм катапультирования

      ejection chute — аварийный парашют

  • выбрасывание
ejection system – система катапультирования
  • извержение
  • выселение
  • выброс
ejection fraction – фракция выброса

Примеры использования

Brandon had a strange, detached feeling as he pushed the ejection button.
Tendons had been pulled, muscles strained from the force of the ejection.
But, even in this poor gossip, we find nothing about ejection.
The ejection of -na in the genitive plural; as of tunges for tungena.
It was in the year 1665, four years after the Ejection, that I was born.
I doubt if he had possessed a single penny since his ejection.
An extra strip was fastened around his chin to prevent the ejection of the gag.
For, 182 after all, the end to be attained is the ejection of the demon.
The capsule had been diverted from its path slightly by reaction to the vehicle's ejection.
Timing mechanism for the ejection of Joy are set for tonight.


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