eject Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • выбрасывать, извергать

      the chimney is ejecting smoke — из трубы валит дым

    • (from) выгонять, изгонять

      to eject an intruder from one's house — выгнать непрошенного гостя

    • прогонять, увольнять

    • юр. выселять

    • спец. испускать (нейтроны и т. п.); выпускать (снаряд и т. п.)

    • катапультировать

  • выбрасывать
  • изгонять
  • выталкивать
  • извергать
  • извлечь
  • катапультироваться
  • извлечение

Примеры использования

When the unruly patron began to throw things in the restaurant, the manager quickly decided to eject the man onto the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.
The referees shall eject the three players from the hockey game due to instigating a fight with the other team.
Since the teenagers are not wearing seatbelts, the force of the impact caused them to eject out the front windshield sustaining severe injuries.
Due to the protestor’s disruptive behavior during the board meeting, the board president felt compelled to eject from the meeting in order to maintain peace.
Before walking to the locker room to change clothes, the basketball player didn’t believe the referee would eject him for a simple infraction.
Theirs is a fool's paradise from which I could eject them at any moment; but I will not—not just yet.
It derives its name from an odor which it is able to eject, which smells not unlike that of the fox.
So I should be able to move the whole unit into the cargo lock and eject it from there.
But I can eject the torpedo from the tube, and perhaps the others.
He sat watching the toad all night, but the toad did not eject anything.
The door was opened by the man who had helped to eject Spicer.
Do you intend to take yourselves off peaceably, or must we eject you?
If you return again for any purpose whatever I am afraid it is I who will have to eject you.
When does the Senior Warden propose to eject his rector, if I may be allowed to ask?
Then to the sheriff, he said: Eject that man who interrupts the proceeding of the Law.


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