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  1. существительное
    • разг. еда, харчи

    • (Eats) столовая, кафе (на автодороге)

  • еда

Примеры использования

At length, he is persuaded--he blesses him, and eats the venison.
I would give you food; but he who eats with a Huron should become his friend.
The mad joy of putting country behind you eats all other interests.
He eats green fruit and raw game; that is what I should like to do, too.
It is the soul of man that is important, not where he lives or what he eats.
Season it with some pepper and salt, and serve it up as a sauce to any kind of roast meat; or it eats well with potatoes.
The collector should be sure he knows the plant before he eats it.
How'll your old horse feel if he eats the other half of that pear tree?
"Every one eats in his own way," answered the American, philosophically.
Then as now the oft quoted maxim stands that man is what he eats.


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