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  1. глагол
    • разг. (тж. divvy up) делиться; входить в пай

  2. существительное
    • разг. сокр. от dividend

  • разделить

Примеры использования

Then he sees how selfish it would be to keep all that gold for himself.11 "But how'll I divvy it?"
"Yes, count, and see if the rascals made a fair 'divvy' of it," added the captain.
I was going to get Major Sherman to let me divvy up with you.
And now I dont want to divvy up, I dont want to divvy up, because I dont want themhere!
I am goin to divvy up, she announced in triumph, but not here.
Youse been stallin' on me fer a year every time it came to a divvy.
A long time ago I wanted to divvy up with Patty, and Bobby 299 and the rest.
About a month after we commenced falling I actually got a "divvy" out of my place.
"I don't stir from this place until I get my share of the divvy," he declared firmly.
His gang of four-flushers think it's a divvy, but the boss has the wad and they're gettin' one-half of one per cent handouts.

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