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  1. существительное
    • дивиденд

      to pay a dividend — выплачивать дивиденды

      dividend payment — фин. а) оплата дивиденда; б) дивиденд к оплате

    • доля, часть

    • мат. делимое

  • дивиденд
tax rate on dividends – ставка налога на дивиденды
  • делимое
  • дивидендный
dividend policy – дивидендная политика

Примеры использования

The stockholder received dividend payments three times a year.
Because he was a company shareholder, the man received a dividend check.
His dividend return was due to stock increases over time.
One way that stockholders get returns on their investment is through a dividend payment.
As part-owner of the company, the investor was given a dividend payment.
This dividend was payable in capital stock and was equal to 30 per cent.
My heart relented; I gave him the order, and paid Paganini the dividend.
I don't want to go without a dividend for years if the Chairman does.
The sign of the remainder is the same as the sign of the dividend.
Our first dividend will be at least cent, per cent., so that he cannot lose by us.
Some customers are ignorant, and then I touch a dividend on my superior knowledge.
When a company decides not to declare a dividend it is said to pass its dividend.
Wherever an industry could pay a dividend, his ferret eyes found it.
I shall not be able to make any dividend to the shareholders this year.
He would confess that the present dividend of four per cent.


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