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  1. существительное
    • муз. диссонанс

    • (between) разногласие; несоответствие, отсутствие гармонии

  • несоответствие
  • диссонанс
cognitive dissonance theory – теория когнитивного диссонанса
  • разногласие

Примеры использования

His cruel abuse showed a dissonance with his loving words.
If Congress can explain the dissonance between their promises and their actual results, the public would be happy to hear the explanation.
There is a great deal of dissonance between what a liar says and does.
Although the pastor preached about the importance of marriage, his dissonance became obvious when he fell in love with a married woman.
The criminal used dissonance to his advantage by behaving in a way in which the police would never have expected him to act.
Dissonance often occurs when individuals try to explain their abnormal behaviors.
From the country’s travel brochures, it is impossible to see the dissonance between the luxury hotels and the starving citizens.
The dissonance between the estimated cost of the war and the real expense shocked the entire nation.
Despite the peaceful intentions of the protestors, the dissonance among the groups led to a small riot.
The dissonance is at its highest, yet the hour has struck for the lift of harmony.
There is dissonance from chaos; the song clears as the order begins.
The dissonance between her feelings and her actions troubled her no whit.
A "Meditation" is bleak, with a strong, free use of dissonance.
They concentrated, tuned, turned their thoughts against the dissonance.
And the dissonance of the complaint jarred her back to common-sense.
Terence Mann stopped playing, tense with a dissonance of perplexity.
Upon his ears a thousand sounds seemed to beat in tumult—and dissonance.
But Nature was just as fair that ambrosial September day as if there was not a dissonance.
There is among the four qualities within his life no dissonance.


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