dissolution Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • растворение

    • разжижение; таяние

      dissolution of ice — таяние льда

    • разложение, разрушение, распад

      dissolution of a state — распад государства

    • расторжение, разрыв

      dissolution of a treaty — расторжение /разрыв/ договора

      dissolution of a marriage — расторжение брака

    • роспуск; закрытие

      dissolution of Parliament — роспуск парламента

    • ликвидация (дела, предприятия)

      dissolution of (a) partnership — ликвидация компании

    • окончание, конец; крушение, крах

      dissolution of morals — падение нравов

    • смерть, кончина

      approaching dissolution — близкая смерть; приближение смерти

  • растворение
dissolution rate – скорость растворения
final dissolution – окончательный распад
process of dissolution – процесс разложения
  • роспуск
early dissolution of parliament – досрочный роспуск парламента
  • расторжение
dissolution of marriage – расторжение брака
  • ликвидация
voluntary dissolution – добровольная ликвидация
  • исчезновение
  • смерть
  • разжижение
  • таяние
  • конец

Примеры использования

They may have been removed there from the abbey for safety at the time of the dissolution.
After the dissolution of the University of Wittenberg his father was transferred to Halle in 1815.
And democracy has her own good, of which the insatiable desire brings her to dissolution?
He stood for Ayrshire, turning back from York when the dissolution was announced.
Northumberland and Holland were alone in wishing to avert a dissolution.
Dissolution, death, and dust, and a half-interest in an abandoned mine!
His desertion of her must have finished the dissolution of their marriage.
Adultery does not of itself entail the dissolution of marriage.
Histolysis: the degeneration and dissolution of organic tissue.
Hence the holiness of others will not avail them at the hour of dissolution.


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