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  1. существительное
    • расхождение во взглядах; разногласие

      dissent from an opinion — несогласие с каким-л. мнением

      to express strong dissent — категорически возражать

    • инакомыслие

      pressures against dissent — давление на инакомыслящих

    • несогласие; отказ дать согласие

    • церк. раскол; сектантство

  2. глагол
    • расходиться во мнениях, не соглашаться; возражать

      to dissent from smb.'s opinion — выражать несогласие /не соглашаться/ с чьим-л. мнением; разойтись с кем-л. во взглядах по какому-л. вопросу

    • церк. отступать от взглядов ортодоксальной церкви, быть раскольником

  • несогласие
expression of dissent – выражение несогласия
  • инакомыслие
political dissent – политическое инакомыслие
  • раскол
  • диссидент
  • расхождение во взглядах
  • несогласный
dissenting opinion – несогласное мнение

Примеры использования

More than likely, my father will dissent with the idea I am old enough to set my own curfew.
The union is going to dissent with management’s offer of a small pay increase.
Why would you choose to dissent something that is completely in your favor?
It is a teacher’s job to challenge her students and to urge them to dissent against theories that cannot be proven.
Even though Jane usually agrees with her husband, she had to dissent with him on the subject of selling their summer home.
The farmers are sure to dissent on the proposed land tax increase.
When the dictator took over the country, he swore to punish everyone who had dared to dissent with his rule in the past.
James showed his dissent with the police officer’s request by pulling out his gun and firing.
Because Amber is usually the teacher’s pet, she shocked everyone when she chose to dissent with the teacher’s evaluation of her essay.
After being bribed by an important businessman, the politician promised not to dissent on the corporate tax reduction bill.
Graham fell in with the scheme without a murmur of dubiety or dissent.
A murmur of dissent from the others drove him back into shy silence.
And to the class of opposites belong assent and dissent, desire and avoidance.
And why, I said, do you neither assent nor dissent, Protagoras?
Roma withdrew her hand from the hand of the Pope and made an exclamation of dissent.
She would have interrupted with expressions of astonishment and dissent, but he would not hear them.
In politics for example it is easy to see the progress of dissent.
"I ask nothing at all," she said, which was neither assent nor dissent.
All their rejoicing passed off without a word of dissent from any Unionist.
Layton shook his head in dissent, but could not repress a faint smile.


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