dissension Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • разногласие; несогласие

    • раздор, вражда; трения

    • церк. уст. раскол

  • раздор
  • разногласие
internal dissension – внутреннее разногласие

Примеры использования

Dissension was growing between the two political parties as more scandals came out through the media.
Because he bought a new boat without telling his wife, dissension brewed in the once happy household.
Dissension of the new law came to a head and protestors swarmed the streets in anger.
Religion caused so much dissension in the family that the controversial topic was banned from the dinner table.
Because of dissension in the company, mediators were brought in to try to bring peace.
This dissension led to much unnecessary trouble and bloodshed.
The dissension that now reigned throughout the land was great.
Great laughter among the Seniors, and signs of dissension in the Den.
If they crackle or start away from each other, dissension and separation are ahead.
It may too, by negligence, become a provoker of dissension and enmity.
The dissension filled the camp with excitement, agitation, and ill will.
But I disapprove of sowing the seeds of dissension in any church.
We did not want them there to believe there was dissension and almost mutiny impending.
For that dissension neither he nor they can be severely blamed.
Consultations were held—by precisely whom, no one could say, but in them there was dissension.


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