dismemberment Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • расчленение; разделение на части

    • редк. исключение, лишение членства

  • расчленение

Примеры использования

Dismemberment took place in the torture chamber where body parts were extracted one by one.
During the shark attack, dismemberment of one of the surfer’s arms took place.
Because it was so mangled, dismemberment of the bull rider’s leg was the only option for the surgeon.
Graphic photos of dismemberment including floating legs were displayed on the T.V.
The horror movie was based on a serial killer’s love for dismemberment, with the victim’s arms and legs always being removed.
With such ideas I did not believe in the dismemberment of the United States.
Great as the evil is, a dismemberment of the union would be worse.
No dismemberment of the empire followed this conquest, however, if conquest there was.
And the end, though it may linger for a time, will be dismemberment and disaster.
It was this that threatened the dismemberment of the Union in 1832.
He cannot entertain any proposition for dissolution or dismemberment.
If we had suffered that loss, dismemberment would have been a lesser one.
Would she have wantonly plotted the dismemberment of France?
Why is there no help for her dismemberment which constitutes the pity of the age?
In the meantime the dismemberment of the Turkish Empire continued.


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