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  1. глагол
    • выгружать; высаживать на берег

      to disembark troops — высаживать войска

    • высаживаться, выгружаться

      we disembarked first from the plane — мы первыми вышли из самолёта

  • высаживать
  • сойти
  • выгрузиться

Примеры использования

Once the pilot turns off the seatbelt sign, travelers may prepare to disembark from the plane.
When the cruise ship caught on fire, passengers were able to safely disembark without a single person being injured.
As students disembark from the bus, they should grasp the safety railings until they can step on the ground without injury.
Passengers who disembark in port will be required to show identification when returning to the vessel.
We won’t disembark the train until we reach our final destination.
"I'll bet everybody was glad to disembark at Schenectady," declared Stephen.
For a certain reason we had to disembark at Madras and return home to Calcutta.
Then the note of a bugle close at hand startled us, and Ludar bade us disembark.
Emob is the third plural of emel, to descend, to disembark, arrive.
The English could not disembark their troops to strengthen the Allies.
Then he gave his hand to Miss Clarence and helped her to disembark.
At the head of the Falls I disembark my first contingent,—say the ‘Greenways’ one.
She perceived her mistake just in time to run herself ashore, and disembark her crew.
The steamer struck on a rock, and the whole party had to disembark.
This was a convenient place for him to disembark, and he pulled in his tender to the pier.

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