discordance Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • несогласие, разногласие

      discordance of opinions — расхождение мнений

    • несоответствие

    • муз. неблагозвучие, диссонанс

  • несоответствие
  • диссонанс
  • разногласие
  • разноголосица

Примеры использования

Even when unconscious the strange being had an aura of discordance about its mind.
These sounds, despite their discordance, are sweet to those now hearing them.
The other was to be found in the discordance of the component parts of the Empire.
The effects of this discordance have been, and continue to be positively incalculable.
The latter is imperfection only; the former deadness or discordance.
His endeavor to meet and harmonize this discordance is called sin.
From somewhere the discordance of a Victrola jarred on Lane's sensitive ears.
The clatter and commotion echoed to the hurry and discordance of the fugitive's ideas.
A discordance in music hurts a nice ear; a false attitude or motion in dancing equally offends the judicious eye.
The only discordance came from a snoring sleeper, and the coughing sheep with dust in their throats.


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