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  1. существительное
    • разногласие; разлад, несогласие

      civil discord — междоусобие, междоусобица

      to bring discord into a family — внести в семью разлад

    • шум, нестройные звуки

    • муз. неблагозвучие, диссонанс

  2. глагол
    • расходиться (во мнениях); не соглашаться

      to discord with smb. on two points — разойтись с кем-л. во мнениях по двум вопросам

    • не соответствовать, не гармонировать

    • муз. звучать диссонансом

  • раздор
apple of discord – яблоко раздора
social discord – социальная рознь
  • разногласие
  • диссонанс
  • дисгармония
  • нелады
  • диссонировать

Примеры использования

Knowing that discord is destructive in the classroom, the teacher wanted to foster a sense of community among her students.
There was discord amongst the members of the committee on how they should allot their funds.
Their relationship was fraught with discord because they lacked communication skills.
Discord over a boy caused the two girls to reevaluate their friendship.
Because they had differing views, the council experienced discord on how to proceed with the issue.
I should set jarring a discord in your life for which it was never meant.
At the same time, each successive day of discord increased his anxiety.
The greatest good of a State is unity; the greatest evil, discord and distraction.
Shall we, after the manner of Homer, pray the Muses to tell us 'how discord first arose'?
And therefore has neither more nor less of discord, nor yet of harmony?
Is it not then reasonable that out of agreement should spring concord rather than discord?
That flag is the signal of European jealousy—the apple of discord.
The discord, I think, is called the wolf note, and it is well named.
At any other time the sound of his name would have made a discord for her.
The music was discord—every thing she saw was disgusting—in a word, she was miserable.


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