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  1. глагол
    • обедать

      to dine late — обедать вечером

      to dine on /upon, off/ smth. — есть что-л. на обед

      to dine in /at home/ — обедать дома

      to dine out /at a restaurant/ — обедать не дома /в ресторане/

      to dine off the remains of roast lamb — пообедать остатками жареного барашка

    • угощать обедом; приглашать к обеду; давать обед

      to wine and dine smb. — принимать /угощать/ кого-л.; накормить и напоить кого-л.

    • вмещать (количество обедающих)

      this table [room] dines twelve comfortably — за этим столом [в этой комнате] вполне могут обедать двенадцать человек

      to dine with Duke Humphrey — шутл. остаться без обеда

      to dine with Mohammed — умереть; ≅ попасть на трапезу в рай

      to dine with Democritus — прозевать обед; остаться голодным /без обеда/ по глупости

  • обедать
dine at home – обедать дома

Примеры использования

"Then come and dine here," said Dick, unable to refuse a neighbour hospitality.
The family were to dine early, to get away soon after dinner.
They were accustomed to see him in a more genial mood when he had a friend to dine.
It was six o'clock when he got to London, and he went into a coffee-house to dine.
But then he might be only marking time to let that guzzling Cheeseman dine at his leisure.
Damme, why did not you come to dine with us that day, now I recollect it?
He is to dine with his new relations, as Betty tells me he already calls them.
We might dine early, and plunge into the desert later, when the moon was high.
If you dine at two, you must put on the meat to boil at six or seven in the morning.
A few friends had been invited to dine with me, and I prepared to meet them.

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