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  1. глагол
    • отличаться; различаться

      to differ from each other — отличаться друг от друга

      to differ in appearance — быть непохожими

      to differ from smb. in age — отличаться от кого-л. по возрасту

    • редк. отличать; различать

    • расходиться во мнениях, не соглашаться

      the witnesses differed — свидетели не соглашались друг с другом; показания свидетелей расходились

      to differ from /with/ smb. — не соглашаться с кем-л., оспаривать чьё-л. мнение

      to differ in opinion — расходиться во мнениях

      to differ about the issue /on the point/ — расходиться (во мнениях) по этому вопросу

      to agree to differ — оставить попытки убедить друг друга; остаться при своём мнении (о спорящих)

      I beg to differ — позволю себе не согласиться

    • спорить, ссориться

      tastes differ — посл. ≅ о вкусах не спорят; у каждого свой вкус

  • отличаться
differ only – отличаться только
differ slightly – различаться незначительно
  • различать
  • расходиться
  • различный
differing interpretation – различные толкования
differing opinions – разные мнения

Примеры использования

If a mother’s decision to allow her kids to stay up past their bedtimes differ from her husband’s decisions, this will send mixed messages to the kids.
The carefree woman’s perspective on childrearing would differ significantly than that of a strict military father’s.
The artist’s collection of paintings showed various angles of a scene so that people would differ their perspectives about the scene.
Since the boss refused to allow his diligent employee any time off for the next few months, they would differ in thoughts about each other.
There only remains to examine the opinions of those who differ from me.
Up to this point all aviators agree, but as to the best form most of them differ.
Fortifications of the future will differ curiously from those of the present.
From which virtuous and venomous opinion the undersigned begs to differ.
He did not differ from those around him in any respect, except that he did not carry a rifle.
They differ in education, in habits, in forms of thought; but they are called by the same name.
Taste and conscience only differ in their provinces, not in their procedure.
Let men agree to differ, and, when they do differ, bear and forbear.
Ay; but he preshumes upo' 't—and ye dinna; there's the differ!
How did the manner of living of the Germans differ from that of the Gauls?


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