determined Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • решительный, полный решимости; непреклонный

      determined character — а) твёрдый характер; б) решительный человек

      determined chin — волевой подбородок

      he is more determined than ever — он настроен более решительно, чем когда-либо раньше

      determined attack — решительный удар

    • определённый, установленный

      determined price — определённая /твёрдая/ цена

  • решительный
  • непреклонный
  • решительно
  • установленный
  • определяемый
  • принявший решение

Примеры использования

Determined to beat his cancer, the man sought medical treatment for several months.
People told Judy that she couldn’t be a cop, but she was determined to prove them wrong.
Lionel is determined to finish college and keeps holding on even when the going gets tough.
Anna was determined to be a doctor, refusing to give up even though no one in her family had a medical degree.
The police officers are determined to find the killer and will not give up on the case until it is closed.
The boat he supposed to belong to Robert, and he was determined to spoil it.
But he admired Hester, and the more she slighted him the more he was determined to force her to like him.
Well, Shepler might be hurled from that certainty by one hour of determined action.
He was ashamed, and determined to make amends by a frank confession.
He felt that a crisis had come, and he was determined to be obeyed.
On the 24th of May we determined to celebrate the Queen's birthday.
I determined to reach the mountains, if it were in any way possible.
He had determined before to answer them and cut up Gladstone!
I dread to go down, said she, with so determined an answer: they will have no patience with me.
If the nation was determined it would not be baffled by the Peers.


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