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  1. существительное
    • агент сыскной полиции, детектив, сыщик

      private detective — частный детектив

    • детективный роман или рассказ

  2. прилагательное
    • сыскной

      detective police /force/ — сыскная полиция

      detective agency — (частная) детективная контора

    • детективный

      detective novel /story/ — детективный роман

  • детектив
author of detective stories – автор детективов
famous detective – знаменитый сыщик
  • следователь
chief of detectives – старший следователь
  • детективный
detective novel – детективный роман
private detective activity – частная детективная деятельность
detective bureau – сыскное бюро
detective work – сыщицкая работа

Примеры использования

The detective indulged himself in a cackle of sneering merriment.
And with the detective went a man whose gait was slinking, craven.
Again, he saw the detective walking forward, out there in the corridor.
"You'll have the chance before long," replied the detective.
The Government had recalled all the men but five, who were left in charge of Detective Carpenter.
Detective Carpenter was seen, and the situation explained to him.
"I am not a detective, Mrs. Hallam," announced the young man suddenly.
A slight pause of silence was made by the detective ere he rejoined.
"Ah, quite so," said the detective complacently, turning to his documents again.
The detective, with great vehemence, brought down his fist on the table.


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