descent Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • спуск

      labourious descent — трудный спуск

      descent of the mountain [to the valley, with a parachute] — спуск с горы [в долину, с парашютом]

      to make a descent — спуститься

    • снижение (самолёта и т. п.)

    • понижение (местности и т. п.)

    • косм. посадка

    • склон, скат, спуск

      sharp descent — крутой спуск /скат/

      rocky [gradual] descent — скалистый [пологий] спуск

      precipitous descent to the sea — крутой спуск к морю

    • понижение, падение; ослабление

      descent of temperature — понижение /падение/ температуры

      descent of sound — ослабление звука

    • происхождение; родословная; источник

      of a Norman descent — норманнского происхождения

      the descent of man — происхождение человека

      to boast of a long descent — хвастать древней родословной

    • поколение, колено

      this land was theirs during four descents — четыре поколения их рода владели этой землёй

    • обыкн. юр. наследование, передача или переход имущества по наследству

      descent of property in the female line — наследование собственности по женской линии

      to acquire a title by descent — получить титул по наследству

    • падение; унижение

    • внезапное нападение, особ. с моря; десант

      descent upon the enemy — нападение на противника

      to make a descent upon smb. — обрушиться на кого-л.

    • разг. облава

      the police made a descent upon the nightclub — полиция устроила налёт на ночной клуб

    • лог. переход от общего к частному

      a descent from the sublime to the ridiculous is quick — от великого до смешного один шаг

      Descent from the Cross — библ., жив. снятие с креста

  • спуск
steepest descent method – метод наискорейшего спуска
descent to base camp – спуск в базовый лагерь
  • происхождение
noble descent – благородное происхождение
  • снижение
rate of descent – скорость снижения
  • десант
  • наследование
  • нисхождение
descent into hell – сошествие во ад
  • сход
  • опускание

Примеры использования

The plane’s descent was so fast that my ears popped.
The descent into the coal mines was taken by elevator.
The kids squealed in delight the entire descent down the sledding hill.
When it came to driving down the long hill, the inexperienced driver was not good at its descent.
Due to inclement weather, the hikers had to be careful on their descent down from the mountain.
To make up for his indiscretion, K. suggested a descent to the river.
Our journey must now be compared to the descent from cloud-land in a balloon.
Traces of the French descent which the widow boasted of were apparent in Winnie too.
His descent into the street was like the descent into a slimy aquarium from which the water had been run off.
I continued the descent, and crossed the creek to where the unfortunate Tulp was waiting for me.
Nor could I see any special value in the fact of descent, even were it unquestioned.
What a descent from the summit of hope to the depths of despair!
An account of one's descent from an ancestor who did not particularly care to trace his own.
But just in front of us there was a little open ground suitable for our descent.
We know, now what you underwent when you suspected my descent, and when you knew it.


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