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  1. прилагательное
    • восхитительный, очаровательный

      delightful companion — очаровательный собеседник /компаньон, спутник/

      delightful prospect — заманчивая перспектива

      delightful book — занятная книга

      delightful smile [sight] — очаровательная улыбка [-ое зрелище]

      it is delightful to live like this — жить так - одно удовольствие

      he made himself delightful to everybody — он умел всех расположить к себе, он всех очаровал

  • восхитительный
delightful aroma – восхитительный аромат
delightful sensations – сладостные ощущения
  • очаровательный
delightful village – очаровательная деревня
delightful garden – прелестный сад
  • приятный
delightful surprise – приятный сюрприз

Примеры использования

The newlyweds had a delightful dinner and have enjoyed every moment of their honeymoon.
Listening to my daughtersbeautiful singing voices is always a delightful experience.
Even though she finds eating cake delightful, the dieter will have to find other enjoyable things to do.
The delightful ceremony was followed by a pleasant reception where everyone enjoyed food and drinks.
After our delightful trip to the beach, we stayed up late and talked about our favorite parts of the fun adventure.
The home of the Birkenholt family was not one of the least delightful.
Had you been poor, how delightful would it have been to labour for my benefactor!
Is it not delightful to know that you can start anything when you please?
One of the most delightful things about temptation is yielding now and then.
The reverential care bestowed on this grave is delightful to witness.
Oh, how delightful it was to watch the variations of his countenance while I spoke!
There were delightful drinks too, from the manzanita and the chia.
But although expectation was delightful, it was not sufficient for him, and he began again.
There was plenty of game, the days passed pleasantly, the evenings were delightful.
And if I obeyed, to what delightful discoveries or frightful dangers might it lead?


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