delicious Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • восхитительный, очаровательный, прелестный

      delicious fragrance — восхитительный аромат

      delicious joke — прелестная шутка

      delicious coolness [morning] — восхитительная прохлада [-ое утро]

      delicious story [book] — прелестный рассказ [-ая книга]

    • очень вкусный; очень приятный

      delicious dinner — отменный обед

      what a delicious cake! — какой вкусный торт!

  • очень вкусный
delicious cake – вкусный торт
  • приятный
delicious aroma – приятный аромат
  • восхитительный
delicious breakfast – восхитительный завтрак
delicious meals – изысканные блюда
  • великолепный
delicious dinner – великолепный ужин
delicious taste – превосходный вкус
delicious food – отменная кухня
  • прелестный
  • Делишес
  • деликатес

Примеры использования

These are very real, nourishing and delicious foods that are being offered you.
No doubt she could evolve a delicious gum from the mesquite and the incense plant.
It was such a wonderful day; it was such an unusual and delicious feast.
She looked once more, just as he was turning his head; and so the minutes passed, and it was delicious.
What was the matter with her that she was less gay, and that she was so overcome by this delicious pang?
It gripped and shook him and made his heart ache with a delicious pain.
They shot partridges, ptarmigans, and snow ortolans, which are delicious eating.
I had suffered so much that I burst out into delicious laughter and sobs.
The forehead seemed like the protecting rampart of this delicious face.
It was at the same time both an anxious and a delicious feeling.


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