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  1. прилагательное
    • преднамеренный, (пред)умышленный; нарочитый

      deliberate distortion of facts — умышленное /злостное/ искажение фактов

      deliberate murder [insult] — преднамеренное убийство [оскорбление]

      deliberate coldness — нарочитая холодность

    • обдуманный, взвешенный; осторожный, осмотрительный

      deliberate judgement — зрелое суждение

      deliberate plan — продуманный план

      deliberate attack — а) воен. подготовленное наступление; б) намеренное нападение

      deliberate fire — воен. методический огонь

    • неторопливый; неспешный

      deliberate in speech — неторопливый в речи

      to go with deliberate steps — идти не спеша /размеренным шагом/

  2. глагол
    • размышлять; обдумывать, взвешивать

      to deliberate on /upon, over/ a question — обдумывать вопрос

      to deliberate over /about/ a matter — обдумывать дело

      to deliberate what to do — обдумывать, что предпринять

    • колебаться

      he was deliberating whether he should go — он раздумывал, идти ему или нет

  • преднамеренный
deliberate murder – преднамеренное убийство
deliberate crime – умышленное преступление
deliberate falsification – намеренная фальсификация
deliberate decision – сознательное решение
deliberate policy – целенаправленная политика
deliberate lie – заведомая ложь
  • неторопливый
  • осторожный
  • продуманный
deliberate strategy – продуманная стратегия
  • обсуждать
  • обдумывать
  • совещаться
  • обдуманный

Примеры использования

We need to deliberate our rest stops before we make hotel reservations for the road trip.
During the teacher’s meeting, we were asked to deliberate our testing goals for the school year.
The jury will now deliberate the case of the accused child killer.
Because the millionaire does not want to invest in an unprofitable deal, he will deliberate your proposal before making a decision.
Glen could not deliberate the merits of the surgery because he had no knowledge of the procedure.
When a soldier breaks the rules, it is the duty of the military tribunal to deliberate his consequence.
Tonight, the general and his top advisers will deliberate the next plan of attack.
Since the sixty question final exam must be finished within two hours, Ana knows she can only deliberate each question for two minutes.
After losing my job, I was forced to deliberate selling my house.
In a case without a jury, the judge has to deliberate the verdict.
But he had not done so, and she was glad he could be restrained and deliberate in that "breedy" sort of way.
“Very well,” he said, and paused, as if in deliberate contempt of the official clock.
It was a long speech for Wally to make, and he made it with deliberate malice.
"What you choose to think," he said after a deliberate pause.
"There was a lovely cat at the hotel," she added with deliberate malice.
It was a purposed and deliberate communication of His secret of Happiness.
Then followed the brushing of his teeth and the deliberate bathing of his hands.
She measured him with her eyes, as though making a deliberate estimate of his powers.
Heneage, as a rule, was one of the most deliberate and even-tempered of men.
Taking a deliberate aim at one of them, he touched the trigger.


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