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  1. существительное
    • делегат, представитель, посланник

      delegate from France — делегат из Франции, французский делегат

    • депутат от территории в конгрессе (с правом совещательного голоса)

    • член палаты депутатов (в некоторых штатах США)

      House of Delegates — палата депутатов (нижняя палата в законодательном органе некоторых штатов)

    • член королевской комиссии по разбору жалоб церковных судов

    • член постоянного комитета (в Оксфордском университете)

  2. глагол
    • делегировать, посылать

    • делегировать, передавать (полномочия и т. п.)

      to delegate authority — передавать полномочия

      to delegate rights to smb. — передать кому-л. права

      to delegate the power to a deputy — облечь депутата властью

      to delegate (to) smb. to do smth. — поручить кому-л. /уполномочить кого-л./ сделать что-л.

    • юр. передавать (кредитору) свои долговые требования в покрытие долга

  3. прилагательное
    • арх. делегированный

  • делегат
distinguished delegate – уважаемый делегат
delegates from different countries – делегатов из разных стран
permanent delegate – постоянный представитель
  • депутат
  • делегация
chief delegate – глава делегации
  • делегирование
delegate responsibility – делегирование ответственности
  • делегировать
delegate authority – делегировать полномочия
  • поручать
  • уполномочивать
  • передавать

Примеры использования

Because Janice cannot do all of the tasks, she has to learn to delegate work to her employees.
The manager will delegate many of his duties to the new assistant manager.
After years of working alone, Henry found it hard to delegate jobs to his assistant.
It is not wise to delegate tasks to people who are not responsible.
Before the president has his surgery, he will delegate his responsibilities to the vice-president.
I am the unworthy servant and delegate of him who holds the keys.
It does not say that a delegate must not be a woman, or must be a man.
He was made a delegate of the Red Committee less than a year after his release on licence.
And he—he had striven to delegate to others the burden he was meant to bear.
A blow, a shot, a shower of stones, and the peace is broken and the delegate is justified.
"Allow no one to leave the building," said the delegate to the other policeman.
And the cap'n was made a delegate to come and see me about it.
It but remained to appoint that delegate, and Le Chapelier invited them to elect him.
I propose to you that we appoint our leader here, Le Chapelier, to be that delegate.
Copies of these letters were placed in the hands of every delegate.


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