delectable Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • восхитительный; усладительный

  • восхитительный
  • усладительный

Примеры использования

When you go to a five-star restaurant, you should expect nothing but a delectable meal that exceeds your expectations.
I could not stop eating the delectable dish.
Before Jane could turn around, her two sons had eaten all of the delectable cookies.
Please put more of that delectable wine in my glass.
If you do not get to the bakery early, you will miss out on all the delectable pastries.
Everybody loves it when April brings her delectable chocolate cake to the teacher’s meetings.
For my anniversary, my husband cooked me a delectable meal of all my favorite foods.
Everything on the menu sounded so delectable that I had a difficult time choosing my entrée.
The wonderful service and the delectable food combined to make my first visit to the restaurant a spectacular one.
Even though Margaret had already eaten a large meal, she could not resist eating two slices of the delectable pie.
He is taken to the roof, from which he sees far off the outlines of the Delectable Mountains.
We'll see dear, delectable Greycroft and have our picnic in the barn?
This delectable dream, with infinite variations, carried Roger home.
"Go and tell him I wish to speak with him," ordered the delectable tyrant.
Nothing was too good for the sweet, delectable creature, and he told him as much.
This last is the most delectable of all—but, alas, it is the one that fades most quickly.
And even if we had not, would not the sense and the satire of it be delectable?
He was a type of that delectable world from which she was shut out.
The day may come when this delectable creature may fall to his portion.
It was the most delectable of all the finny genus, superior even to the pompano.


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