decisive Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • окончательный, решающий; убедительный

      decisive judgement [answer] — окончательное решение [-ый ответ]

      decisive victory — полная /решающая/ победа

      decisive evidence — неопровержимые улики

      decisive word — последнее слово

      decisive vote /ballot/ [battle] — решающее голосование [сражение]

      decisive attack — воен. решительное наступление; главный удар

      decisive direction — воен. направление главного удара

      this was decisive in defeating the opponent — это сыграло решающую роль в разгроме противника

      this incident was decisive of his fate — этот случай определил его судьбу

    • решительный, определённый, исполненный решимости

      decisive man /character/ — решительный человек

      decisive action — решительные меры, решительные действия

      decisive manner [tone] — решительные манеры [-ый тон]

    • явный, бесспорный, очевидный, несомненный; полный

      decisive superiority — явное преимущество

      decisive leaning towards smth. — несомненная склонность к чему-л.

      to clap one's hands with decisive approval — хлопать в ладоши в знак полного одобрения

  • решающий
decisive battles – решающих сражений
  • решительный
take decisive action – предпринимать решительные действия
decisive step – решительный шаг
  • окончательный
decisive victory – окончательная победа
  • убедительный

Примеры использования

When the soldier saw twice as many of their reinforcements coming over the bridge to help them fight the enemy, that was the decisive moment that he knew the war was over.
Once the rumors about me started making their way through the school, the decisive moment came when my grades dropped drastically.
While reading the mystery novel, the decisive factor that the butler committed the murder was when his alibi turned out to be a lie.
As yet, however, no decisive advantage had been gained on either side.
Still, as the case stood, his triumph was not the less brilliant or decisive.
At the dawn of the morning he made his attack sharp, unexpected, decisive.
I do not know what he said to the surgeon-major, but it was something clear and decisive.
"It doesn't matter whose sister you are," was the decisive reply.
"It's my work," said Turkey, in a decisive tone, which left me no room for rejoinder.
We do not mean however to hold forth this circumstance as decisive in its condemnation.
He had passed the decisive line and his rise was simply a question of time.
One speaker at length had a decisive influence on the question.
They only had a few hours left them to take a decisive step.


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