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  1. прилагательное
    • определённый, окончательный; решённый

      decided opinion — определённое мнение

      decided refusal [no] — категорический отказ [-ое «нет»]

      to give a decided answer — дать окончательный ответ

    • решительный, не знающий колебаний

      very decided character — человек, не знающий сомнений; решительный человек

      to speak in a decided voice — говорить тоном, не допускающим возражений

      I'm quite decided — я не изменю своего мнения

      she turned home with a decided step — она решительно направилась домой

      they are quite decided about it — они очень решительно настроены по этому поводу

    • бесспорный, определённый, явный, несомненный

      decided success — бесспорный успех

      decided difference [superiority, advantage] — явное отличие [превосходство, преимущество]

      decided victory — решительная победа

      a decided alteration for the better — несомненное /определённое/ изменение к лучшему

      this is a decided step forward — это решительный /несомненный/ шаг вперёд

  • решенный
  • решивший
  • решительный

Примеры использования

He decided he ought to think more about what he was doing and what he should do.
He decided, too, that he could think better with something mechanical to occupy his hands.
He caught but two fish, and they were so small that he decided not to offer them for sale.
I summoned him to an interview, and informed him in decided terms that I must be master in my own ship.
You didn't seem like a New York man either, and I decided you weren't.
Halbert privately came to the same conclusion, and decided to war only with words.
Solomon, the Wise, decided to provide them with a magnificent home.
This time the Romans decided to be thorough in their work of destruction.
A man who was kind to a horse could not be treacherous to a man, Andrew decided.
There was something about Mary that reminded one of Ruth Denton, she decided.


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